Chain Games Crypto

The game chain is a crypto gaming platform mainly committed to providing a digital distribution service that connects 3rd party publishers and gamers, giving an equal winning chance for crypto and gaming. The platform is an evolution in web 3.0 blockchain gaming which hosts several gaming contests with the state of the art gameplay. Moreover, the chain games crypto involve multi-players who compete through eSport tournaments and win real cash or crypto prizes.


Game chain crypto

First of all, chain games were founded by Adam Barlam, the acting chief executive officer and the co-founder of CTO of TrustSwap. He has well experienced in the technology field; hence the creation of this game is top-notch. He has worked with other members to develop chain games, which are also well experienced in the blockchain industry and continue to provide positive results in the technology world.

Chain games crypto consists of four modules that work together to improve the players’ experience. The modules include app store, gaming information, content sharing and gamer community. The game chain’s main aim is to break the barrier between gaming and crypto spaces. Also add a new dimension to the stakeholders in the ecosystem. The e-sport industry is estimated to expand at a CAGR of about 24% within the next seven years.

The platform has released several games that have received a warm welcome in the market-leading to high numbers of committed players to the games. Some of the chain games include Armor Mania and the most recently released Heavenly road.

Since creating the chain game, it has taken an active community to back it as it currently stands at more than 43.4K followers. The developers of chain games regularly update their followers on upcoming events and any innovations. So far, the chain games have managed to keep a good branding record, great marketing, and a robust ecosystem that can withstand the harsh economic times.


Chain games crypto price

It is common for one to wonder whether chain games are a worthwhile investment. The truth is, chain games is a real investment that one should look int. So what is the chain games crypto price? Currently, chain games has a market capitalization of about $23,624,049, which is expected to grow as the chains have a lot of potentials. Also, the chain price can potentially rise to USD 0.338 in the next eight years, around a 308% gain from the original price.

The exchanges listed by the end of the day indicate how the volume of the was traded. Due to the cryptocurrency nature of the game, the prices of chain games fluctuate from time to time as crypto receives competition from bitcoins.


Buy chain games crypto

Chain games have been ranked on several crypto exchanges. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the chain game cannot be bought directly with fiats money. The coin can first be purchased by purchasing bitcoin from any significant exchange. Then transferred to the exchange that offers such trade in coin.

Here is a step guide on how to buy chain games crypto:

  • Register on coin base. The first step requires you to purchase one of the major cryptocurrencies as it accepts fiat deposits. The registration process is straightforward as you only need to fill an email, verify the email and finish the identification process.

  • Buy coins with the fiat money. After filling in the payment details, trade to get started.

  • Transfer the crypto to an Altcoin exchange. The chain uses an Altcoin; hence the coins need to be transferred to carry out the trade.

  • Deposit BTC to exchange

  • Trade chain

The games can be bought from ZT,, LBank, PancakeSwap(V2) and MEXC. In addition, the games are also available in crypto pages as it is part of the crypto exchange.


Chain game cryptocurrency

In cryptocurrencies, a good project is that with a roadmap and has implemented the latest technology. The chain games have precisely tried to implement all the recent technology making it a flourishing gaming ecosystem for contests and competition for skilled players through decentralized and non-custodial contractors. Also, the whole gaming project aims at awarding professional gamers for their effort and skills in the gaming world.

In the past year, the number of gamers worldwide shot up to 2.7 billion. Also creating revenue of about $159.3 billion, an increase of 9% from the previous year. The current chain game crypto does not allow casual players to contest with the professional player as the games are only for those with advanced skills. Moreover, the platform forbids people to earn crypto tokens and prizes for their gaming expertise, and you have to win a contest to be awarded.

Finally, the chain games crypto is a new trend in the gaming world. And it seems to be doing well in the market. It creates an avenue for professional gamers to make a decent living and generate good revenue. In conclusion, chain games promise to thrive in the next few years and become a world-class avenue for generating income.