Best Crypto Lotteries to Earn Money

To begin with, the use of physical money might come to an end and if you want to stay in the big leagues you need to start investing in this revolution as early as possible. In this article, we are going to tackle the specifics of the emerging phenomenon, crypto lotteries, that is taking the world by storm. We will discuss the best crypto lotteries there are.

The advancement of technology and the internet has led to the birth of cryptocurrency, which is decentralized digital money. This means that the money is not physical, rather it is transferred from account to account without one touching it. Furthermore, it is decentralized because it is not controlled by the government or any national body. Some people say that the introduction of cryptocurrency is the future of mankind in banking.

Crypto lotteries

There is no big difference between the traditional lottery and cryptocurrency lottery. It pretty much the same way. Crypto lotteries are games played online and if you win you are paid in bitcoins. Lotteries are the most common ways people gamble and the advancement of technology has led to the rise of cryptocurrency which can be played on the phone and anywhere else as long as you have an account and deposit funds to your bitcoin account.

How to play in crypto lotteries

The best crypto lotteries have a similar game, you buy a lottery ticket which has six numbers. The draw has 49, digits, that is, 1-49, when the numbers are drawn and the ticket you have has all the 6 digits mentioned you win your jackpot, pretty easy.

How to play with cryptocurrency and win

Types of crypto lotteries

To start, there are three types of the best crypto lotteries. People can choose three that they like the most to play. They are dice, keno and prize draw.


This is the most popular lottery game. You set your odds. The game is determined by your odds, the lower your odds are, the higher your chances of winning become. Later on, the next thing you do after setting your odds is to determine how much you want to wage in. The last thing is to click on a button which will show whether you have won or not.


This is both a crypto lottery game and a physical one as well because it can also be played at a live casino with real-life dealers. Essentially, what determines whether you win or not is the number you choose to match the ones drawn. The higher the number of matches is, the higher the chance of winning. Keno is the most classic game of the three.

Prize draws

Lastly, we have, prize draws and the biggest one yet is Bitcoin casinos. The game has many draws, that is daily, weekly and monthly. What makes this game different is that someone has to win meaning that there is a winning card. Compared to other picking games where you are never assured of your chances of winning, cryptocurrency lotteries, especially the bit casinos, guarantee a winner, you just have to pick the winning lotto card.

Earn money with cryptocurrency

Advantages of playing crypto lotteries

● High chance of winning

As seen above, when playing prize draws, you are assured of a winner because there is always a winning number.

● Little or no experience needed

You do not have to have played before or become a master in the arts to play the best crypto lotteries games.

● Little stakes needed

You do not have to give up a lot to partake in the games. You just need to locate an account and deposit a small amount which goes a long way.

● Can be done at any place and by anybody

Crypto lottery games do not have any restrictions, anyone can play it and can be played whether you are walking or at a bus stop or home.

● It is a sincere game

You are not scammed or cheated on because no one else is playing it with you, just you and your device.

● Lots of prizes to be won

There are a lot of prizes to be won, in terms of odds or money or souvenirs, if you play your cards right, there is little chance of coming out empty-handed.

Disadvantages of crypto lottery games

How to choose the right crypto lottery? Advantages and disadvantages

● Unsupervised activities

The providers of the lotteries are usually unregulated.

● Chances of losing

Someone can become unlucky and lose money as well as the game itself.

Registering for crypto lotteries

Meanwhile, there is a list of steps to register for the best crypto lotteries

● Pick a lottery site

The first step is to choose a lottery site that is a trusted the site. For example, duck dice, lotto land, or fortune jack.

● Open the account

You will be required to fill out some forms and answer some questions when you are opening the account. Like your name, age and other basic stuff.

● Deposit money

After your account is open, you need to deposit money into your account to show your credibility and seriousness.

● Purchase your ticket

The money you deposit will be used to buy your ticket to play the lottery game.

● Withdraw

This depends on whether you win. Additionally, if you win, you will be required to draw your winnings.

Getting income from crypto currency

What you need to know before registering

The following are the most important things you need to be aware of before you start the lottery process.

● Unregulated sites

Most crypto lotteries are unregulated meaning that they are not under any law or regularities. Consequently, you need to be aware of this before you start.

● Chances of winning

You are not promised a definite chance of winning, there is no specific formula or way of guaranteeing your winning, it is all about luck.

● Different ways of playing

As discussed earlier, there are three ways to play keno, dice or prize draws.

● No experience needed

The great thing is that you do not have to have played before to register.

● Can be played anywhere

Luckily, they can be played anywhere and by anyone.

The best crypto lottery sites

How to choose the right crypto lottery sites

1. Duck dice

This site has drawn every 24 hours giving you enough time to build your winnings. In fact, from the name, the site is based on dices. It uses a provably fair system meaning that it is fair and random.

2. Fortune Jack

It is based on keno. You can play whatever time you want and accept several cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Importantly, it guarantees quick deposits and withdrawals.

3. Lotto land

This is a unique site because it is one of the regulated ones. Unfortunately, most crypto lotteries are not regulated. In this case, lotto land is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Association. Also, the lottery gets its ball numbers from real life lotto games. Additionally, it accepts both crypto and fiat currency. What is more, it has monthly jackpots.

Getting income from crypto lotteries

First of all, in order to get money, you need to have an account, you can try the above sites which are some of the best crypto lotteries out there. In addition, you have to play games to increase your chances of winning. Some games use the 3 and more, which means you need to have 3 or more matches to win. Accordingly, your income is determined by the number of tickets bought in that particular draw. As a result, the more tickets bought the higher your income becomes for example if seven tickets are bought and you match 3 numbers your income is 30,000 dollars.